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Foundations of Facilitation: Focus on Self-Awareness, Ownership, Outcomes, and Dynamics

17/10 @ 9:00 - 18/10 @ 17:00

- CHF 800

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This 2-day course is part of our Foundations of Facilitation series. This course goes well with the Foundations of Facilitation Core Module.

This course consists of four half-day modules: The Self-Aware Facilitator, Fostering Ownership and Self Reliance in Collaborative Groups, Articulating Intelligent Outcomes, and Balancing Focus on Tasks AND Group Dynamics

Photo of flip chart from Foundations of Facilitation Outcomes module

Day 1:

The Self-Aware Facilitator: Preferences, Ethics, Values and Competencies

How is who you are affecting your professional practice? What are your behavioural preferences? And how are they manifesting in the way you collaborate and facilitate work with others?

We can be extrovert or introvert; we can be thinkers or feelers; we can be debaters or peace-keepers; and so on. What is key is that we know who we are, and that we have strategies in place to ensure that who we are affects our professional practice… for the good.

With reference to the diversity of diagnostic tools and assessments that you may have engaged with prior to the training, we explore these questions. And we help you develop customized strategies to strengthen your practice – using your personal preferences to the full where they strengthen your practice and managing them where they entail risks to the best outcome of your meeting, workshop or collaborative process.

Fostering Ownership and Self-Reliance in Collaborative Groups

To what extent are the collaborative groups of which you are a part dependent on you as the leader or facilitator of the process? To what extent are you valuably and dependably guiding the process, whilst also fostering ownership by all group members, and encouraging self-reliance?

This module explores these questions, guiding you through a self-reflection. It then provides you with a suite of approaches and methodologies to help you strengthen the design of your processes, minimize dependence on you (so that you can channel your energies into best facilitating collaboration rather than avoiding disintegration), and help you better foster ownership, self-reliance and group identity for greater resilience and results!

Day 2:

Articulating Intelligent Outcomes (Against Which to Measure Success)

What are the desired outcomes from the collaborative processes you are facilitating? What ‘hard’ outcomes and outputs are you looking for (such as decisions taken, a strategic action plan, a partnership agreement, key items prioritized, a written vision statement, a letter to policy makers)? What ‘soft’ outcomes (such as sense of commitment, enthusiasm and energy for going forward, improved relationships among group participants)?

Rarely is due attention given to both the desired hard and soft outcomes, and it is rarer still to see these articulated intelligently. And yet without all of the desired outcomes clearly stated and prioritized, how can you design processes to achieve them, and how can you measure success? With reference to case material, this module explores the importance of articulating intelligent outcomes; how to do so; and how to then design for success!

Balancing Focus on Tasks AND Group Dynamics

Do you struggle to keep track of group dynamics, getting swept up instead in the task and content of discussions? Or are you rather someone who gets swept up in the dynamics of the group and loses track of the task and content of discussions? We all have a tendency one way or another.

This module will help you identify strategies to achieve better balance. We place particular emphasis on mastering the art of designing processes and agendas that are structured, logical and outcome-driven; and at the same time flexible, allowing for flow and emergence. You will get design ideas to help you keep one eye on the group dynamics and an eye on process tasks, including ways of getting the group to help you!

This 2-day course is 4 learning units.


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Foundations of Facilitation: Focus on Self-Awareness, Ownership, Outcomes, and DynamicsCHF 800

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17/10 @ 9:00
18/10 @ 17:00
CHF 800


Ferme du Manoir – Salle de la Breteche – Nyon
Place du Chateau 1
Nyon, 1260 Switzerland