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Foundations of Facilitation: Capturing Outputs, Synthesizing/Summarising, Clarifying the Facilitator’s Role, and Agenda Design Clinic

24/01 @ 9:00 - 25/01 @ 17:00

- CHF 800

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This 2-day course is part of our Foundations of Facilitation series.

This course consists of four half-day modules: Capturing Outputs from Workshops, Meetings and Processes; Clarifying the Facilitator’s Role with Groups; Synthesizing and Summarizing Results in Workshops; and a Process and Agenda Design Clinic. More information on these modules below:

Facilitation workshop at Bright Green Learning Academy

Capturing Outputs from Workshops, Meetings and Processes

Have you been a part of processes in which, only at a late stage, people start thinking about how to capture the outputs (and indeed identifying what these might be)?  Or perhaps outputs have been diligently captured at the outset but there hasn’t been sufficient thought given to the purpose of collecting the outputs: Who are the outputs being captured for? What is it hoped they will do with the outputs? And how can the capturing process and the ‘product’ help them do so?

There are many questions for us to ask ourselves about what outputs are sought, and how to capture them.  This module will provide you with a framework for ensuring you design for the purposeful capture of quality outputs.

Synthesizing and Summarizing Results in Workshops

As the process leader, convener or facilitator, when should you summarize and synthesize discussion for a group?  When should the group do the summarizing and synthesizing itself?  And what process design decisions can support summarizing and synthesizing for whoever takes on the task?

There are different views on these questions.  We feel that those responsible for guiding processes should steer clear from summarizing subject matter and content discussions, sticking rather to summarizing progress in the process towards achieving desired outcomes. If you’d like to explore the reasoning and benefits from this, and learn more about how to design to facilitate summarizing and synthesizing, this is a module for you.

Clarifying the Facilitator’s Role with Groups

Would you appreciate greater clarity about your role in a process?  Are you trying to balance bringing your subject matter expertise to a process, whilst also wearing a ‘facilitator’ or ‘convenor’ hat? Or perhaps you have little subject matter expertise and could do with some guidance to help build your stature and the confidence of others in you as a process leader or facilitator?

This module will help you with all of the above.  It will provide you with all you need to contract (agreeing what you will do and will not do) efficiently and effectively with groups. And you will acquire strategies to ensure you bring all of your expertise to the collaborative process, appropriately!

Process and Agenda Design Clinic

Would you like some one-to-one coaching and advice on the design of your collaborative processes and agendas?

Apply your learning in this process and agenda design clinic. Bring your design to the session and receive real-time coaching and advice from the Academy trainers and fellow participants, and apply your learning by helping others strengthen their workshop designs.

This course is 4 learning units.


Unlimited available
Focus on Capturing Outputs, Clarifying the Facilitator's Role, Sythnthesizing/Summarising, and Agenda Design ClinicCHF 800

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24/01 @ 9:00
25/01 @ 17:00
CHF 800


Ferme du Manoir – Salle de la Breteche – Nyon
Place du Chateau 1
Nyon, 1260 Switzerland