Since 2009, people have come to Bright Green Learning for professionally certified facilitators and designers of group learning processes with a special niche: sustainability.  We have a breadth of substantive experience across social and environmental issues, and we learn more with our clients everyday!We are reputed for carefully customized, purposeful, highly participatory and learner-centred approaches. Characteristically we engage all participants in applying systems thinking and identifying solutions and actions which build on strengths to achieve clients’ objectives.

As avid learners ourselves, we are always looking for new ways to add value to both our clients and the broader community. We do so with an open philosophy which is reflected in our blog ( which shares knowledge, captures our learning as well as our innovations.

All this reflects the fact that, whilst we are a social micro-enterprise, we have a macro goal: increasing social and environmental resilience and sustainability.  Our positive impact is via our clients.   We therefore care deeply about our clients’ success.  As such, establishing close, trusting working relationships with each and every one is at the heart of Bright Green Learning.