The Great January Clear Out: Managing Stuff

It's January again and I find myself compulsively clearing…
17/01/2018/by Gillian
Learning and Knowledge Development Facility recipes for success

Recipes for Success: a tasty way to share lessons and good practice

As winter arrives in the Northern Hemisphere and 2017 comes…
30/11/2017/by Gillian

Using Serious Games: Seven Tips for New Game Administrators

We just completed our Bright Green Learning Academy training…
03/06/2017/by Gillian

Facilitation Step Change? Add WhatsApp to Your Large Workshop


Breakout room 5 (the one on the other side of the…
20/05/2017/by Gillian

Featuring TED-like Talks at Conferences and Workshops: What’s the Time Commitment?

Would you like your Keynote Speakers to do more than stand…
27/04/2017/by Gillian

Expecting More, and Getting More, from Your Staff Meetings


Staff Meetings, when the whole of a staff group…
23/03/2017/by Gillian

What’s That? Visualising Items on a Facilitator’s Materials and Equipment List

Every time I facilitate I make a Materials and Equipment…
10/03/2017/by Gillian
Rural spring landscape with dirt road

The Last Mile for Learning

You just finished your exciting learning workshop, the walls…
15/02/2017/by Gillian

Holiday Craft for Facilitators, Moderators and Speakers: DIY Speaking Cards

You are speaking, facilitating, moderating, or MCing at a…
18/12/2016/by Gillian

The Parachuted Presenter’s Promise

You have received an invitation to fly to another continent…
16/12/2016/by Gillian

Why Am I Playing (and Loving) Pokemon Go? Confessions of an Adult Learning Practitioner

Released in early July, Pokemon Go - the new location-based,…
20/10/2016/by Gillian

Micro-Learning: Delivering a Wealth of Learning in Bite-sized Nuggets

It seems so simple. A deck of post-card sized cards, printed…
08/07/2016/by Gillian
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