Draft one (late February):

So, I’m sitting on the train this morning; the air is cool, sky clear, and I’m enjoying the aroma of a pain au chocolat that I’ve just bought, asking myself – At what point did I slip back into this naughty habit? And I realize that it was just about the same moment that I slipped out of other good habits, such as writing my blog posts or going for a run. Broken routine!

Draft two (today):

About three weeks later, I’m in a hotel room in Alexandria, Egypt. I haven’t posted anything on our blog in weeks and I decide it’s finally time to get back in shape. I’m a little reticent having not been exercising my blog-writing skills recently. The thoughts don’t translate into words quite as nimbly, just like that first sluggish jog after an indulgent, feasting holiday period. I know that there will be a feel good factor at the end; that the next time I jog / blog it will be that little bit easier; that the nimbleness will return as the muscles are trained for these workouts and re-learn the fluency that comes with practice. So here goes, time for that first step back into blogging. And time to reconnect with my blogging friends to help me along the way…

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  1. Rania
    Rania says:

    Hi Lizzie, I know exactly what you mean. I used to write a lot in Arabic and English when I was in University, probabably because I had more free time and had less responsibility at home. Anything that I thought about I could write about, and it would turn out good. Now I have a hard time concentrating some time, there are too many disturbances, noisy colleagues, phones ringing, meetings going on nearby. I think it is easier to concentrate when you are not disturbed so much. Maybe you have been too busy to write? Keep going! Rania

  2. Lizzie
    Lizzie says:

    Thanks Rania! Good to know i’m not alone. Being busy is certainly a contender and it’s so easy to say we’re too busy for this and that. I guess it’s about ‘making’ time for the things that are important and worthwhile. For me, both blogging and jogging are such things – both helping me to perform more efficiently and effectively in other areas of my life which saves time in the long run. Writing this makes me think it’s about being a little less short-sighted in my time management! I guess the question we need to ask ourselves is – Where can I free up some time for those things important to me?

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