Lizzie to Gillian: OK, I think we have everything we need for the retreat except the rope and the blindfolds…

Don’t get too excited, this is Gillian and Lizzie preparing for a 2-day organizational development retreat. We are going to play a communication game called “Islands” . We spent today finding planks, plywood sheets, beanbags, and bricks – more titilating details on how it went later…

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  1. Susanna
    Susanna says:

    Well, I felt reassured that I was still allowed to use my voice. I knew that I could still communicate whatever I wanted even if I couldn’t see. I knew I could always ask for some ‘unrestricted’ help.

    In fact, I had chosen to be blindfolded because I thought it would stretch me more, since I know I’m a very visually minded person. I was surprised at how confident I felt among my fellow blindfolded team mates. I would have hated to be on the ‘mute’ team…

    What frustrated me was when my team mates did not want to share our objectives verbally. I realized I was more trusting than the rest of them. I didn’t manage to convince them we should share. I put myself back for the sake of the team. In hindsight I should have insisted more that it was safe and mutually conducive to share.

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