What I learned at the Academy – Uta Jungermann

Uta Jungermann Project Manager at the World Business Council for Sustainable DevelopmentProject Manager at the World Business Council for Sustainable Development

My day-to-day work requires a lot of moderation, facilitation and – at times – mediation. Meetings, workshops, webinars or just plain conference calls fill my day – sometimes more than desired, which can be challenging. There is simply not enough time to get the actual work done.

So making the most of all types of meetings and workshops is key to advancing our team’s overall work plan and achieving core objectives.

Through the Bright Green Learning Academy courses, I have learned how to design questions that help a group achieve the agreed outcomes. I also feel better able to articulate these outcomes, both hard and soft, while fostering the group’s ownership of them.

Collaboration is central to what I do and I enjoy it, yet it is not always easy to progress at the pace you would like and keep everyone equally engaged throughout the process. The Academy has equipped me with the tools and methodologies to think through each step – before, during, between and after meetings and workshops. It has helped me to implement actions that optimise participant engagement for more robust results.

And luckily I can say that the first stress tests on applying these new skills have been successful.

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