Making Reflection a Habit: How You Know When You’re There

I think I have finally achieved “reflection” as a habit. How do I know that?

When I’ve not had the time to pause and think about what I’m doing, write up some learning in our blog, or do my weekly review, it feels like I have not brushed my teeth. And then all I can think of and all I want to do is that. This week has been a blur of doing doing doing, and it really feels like I have had 3 days without brushing my teeth. Ugh!

You’ve got to try to get there, if you really want to embed something like reflection into your professional and personal practice. To get to the feeling of compulsion that having a habit brings – the little rush of endorphins from doing it, and all the unwanted things (from missing important things to bad breath) from not.

It’s getting better now. Writing this blog post is like finding my toothbrush.

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