The Economy, It’s Nature’s Business: TEDxTalk by Eva Zabey

Gillian’s recent sharing of TEDx talks reminded me that it was high time we share an excellent talk that couldn’t be more relevant in the lead up to Rio+20 later this month (for which a lead theme is the Green Economy) … not to mention the fact that yesterday was World Environment Day!  If it passed you by unawares, not to worry.  Take a few minutes today to watch this talk and share it widely to do your bit.  The short talk is called “The Economy, It’s Nature’s Business” by Eva Zabey.  

Eva asks – How about we use the economy to guard the environment as part of the way we work it? Natural ecosystems provide services not accounted for in today’s economy because they’re not appropriately valued, yet all businesses depend on ecosystems services, even if the extent to which they are aware of this varies greatly. The methodologies are evolving to do the maths necessary to value ecosystem services and make informed decisions. Now, she explains, we have Corporate Ecosystem Valuation tools to smarten our decision-making in business, legislation and policy. “Environment versus the economy is so passé. It’s environment in the economy!”   Watch Eva’s talk now and let us know what you think.

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