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Motivating the returning new mother in her first days back to work

Some top tips for managers from my first day:

• Invite her to a ‘welcome back’ one-to-one meeting with you and brief her on key ‘must know’ information before she delves into the delighting deluge that is her inbox

• Present her with prioritized objectives and actions to get stuck into… things that you just can’t wait to get her tackling with her unique and much missed talents! (No mother wants to leave her child to be at work twiddling her thumbs.)

• And offer chocolates, biscuits, balloons and beaming smiles (helping her realize that there is still a heart beating in her chest even if it feels like she left it in the crèche)

What tips do you have for the powers that be… and me?

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  1. Gillian Martin Mehers
    Gillian Martin Mehers says:

    What about asking her what she kinds of things she learned in the last few months with her new baby that she can share with the team?

    Ask her how she feels about being back at work and how she would like her work to flex to help her make the transition most comfortable and productive for all involved?

    Ask her to bring in some photos of the baby to put on her desk.

    Rediscuss the notion of flexi-time so that it is truly flexible.

    Hmmm, will keep thinking!

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